Flexineb 2; dampmasker paard, compleet

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Medicijntabel DuitsFlexineb is een vernevelaar welke speciaal voor paarden is ontwikkeld. De Flexineb is mobiel, geruisloos, makkelijk in gebruik en werkt met een oplaadbare accu.

Het systeem is ontwikkeld om een groot aantal diergeneesmiddelen te vernevelen, inclusief corticosteroïden (ontstekingsremmers), bronchodilatatoren, zoutoplossing en antibiotica. Eén behandeling duurt ongeveer 15 minuten, afhankelijk van de medicatie die wordt gebruikt.

Inhoud set: Flexineb, bewaarbox, medicatiecup, 20 ml opzetstuk (om te verhogen tot een volume van 30 ml),
oplader, gebruiksaanwijzing en medicijnen tabel.

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Camilla Spears

“I used the Flexineb on Portersize Just a Jiff last summer in the run up to The European Eventing Championships. Jiff sometimes gets a dry cough when he travels a lot and the Flexineb is the best device to get rid of the cough”

Camilla Spears
Irish International Event Rider

Jessica Harrington

“The Flexineb is the best thing I have had as an aid to my horses! It is a crucially important piece of equipment and so easy to use.”

Jessica Harrington
Leading Irish Dual Racehorse Trainer

Paul Flynn

Moon Dice on his way to winning the Galway Hurdle worth €159,000
“I used the Flexineb on Moondice in his preparation for the Galway Hurdle and believe that it was of great benefit to the horse”

Paul Flynn
Racehorse Trainer

Dessie Hughes

“We use the Flexineb on any of the horses who have slight respiratory problems and it clears them out. It does its job well.”

Dessie Hughes
Leading Irish Racehorse Trainer

Colm Murphy

“I have been using the Flexineb on my top horses and I have definitely seen a difference in their work and performance. It’s a great way of breaking up mucus and clearing out the horse’ respiratory system.”

Colm Murphy
Leading Irish Racehorse Trainer

Louise Maloney

Shane and Sprinter have had many Grade A wins since using the Flexineb including the 1.10 at Dungarvan Show, 1st in Barnadown Venue, 2nd and 3rd in the RDS and 3rd in the 128 Grand Prix at Pony Owners in Millstreet.

“We have been using the Flexineb on Sprinter for the past 5 months and have seen huge results in Sprinters performance. It is a great invention and I would recommend it to any-one with horses or ponies with COPD. We wish Nortev the very best in the future.”

Louise Moloney
Colligan Equestrian Centre

Tom Hogan

Kirbybroguelantern, trained by Mr.Tom Hogan in Nenagh on his way to victory in the Paddy Power Handicap Hurdle in Cork last Sunday “Kirbybroguelantern has benefited hugely by the Flexineb as it was his first run after a long break”.

Tom Hogan
Racehorse Trainer Ireland

Regarding the Flexineb, I have used the adult mask in a few horses with pneumonia and I was impressed with how well it works and how silent it is. The horses tolerate it very well and it is much faster than what I had used before.

Steeve Giguere DVM, PhD, DACVIM
Professor and Hodgson Research Chair in Equine Studies
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Georgia

Flexineb Foal System being used on a sick foal. Courtesy of the team at Hagyard Equine Medicine Institute, Lexington, Kentucky.

 (Note: Picture not to be used without referencing Hagyard)

I have been nebulizing horses since the late 1970s but until now I have never been completely happy with the nebulizing equipment available. There have been improvements in recent years but now Nortev has finally developed the ultimate Nebulizer with the Flexineb. To me a product has to satisfy three requirements. They must be affordable, user friendly and most of all work. Flexineb does it all.

I have used it on race horses, mares, yearlings and recently a foal with the new foal mask. It is simple to use and the horses relax and seem to enjoy treatment since there is no noise, excessive mist or cumbersome hoses and cords.

We now treat all of our racehorses routinely and pre race with silver solution to keep their airways healthy and aid in the control of EIPH and infections and I can’t remember the last to bleed in a race or work. In today’s world where we are constantly looking for more cost effective drug free approaches to treating horses with respiratory issues the Flexineb is invaluable. Anybody with an equine athlete, sale horse or youngster should have one in their tack room. As a veterinarian who both treats and owns TB racehorses and breeding stock I can recommend the Flexineb without reservation.

D. M. Cavey, DVM, Lexington, Kentucy

Link to video on YouTube of Hugh Dillon, partner veterinarian at Troytown Equine Clinic, Kildare, Ireland, discussing respiratory conditions in general, and introducing Flexineb.